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Navel Orange
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Variety of orange that has a typical twin fruit called, in fact, navel.


Newhall, a variety of Navel orange

They represent the majority of our production, the oranges of this variety are generally available already from mid December.
With the term Navel orange it is generally indicated a variety of orange that has a typical twin fruit (known as navel) inside the skin, located at the opposite pole compared to the petiole (In the photo on the right, a peeled Navel orange; the twin fruit underdeveloped is visible at the bottom right).

The varieties of Citrus Sinensis that contain navel are Washington Navel, Navelina, Thompson, Navelate, Golden Buckeye.

This orange variety was developed in a monastery in Brazil in 1820 from a single mutation. This mutation gives rise to a second orange, which grows like a twin, but in a much smaller space. From the outside, the peel appears to have a sort of basin, reminiscent of the navel, which in English is called "navel".

The orange Newhall, a cultivar with a blond flesh and apirene (in the photo on the left, orange Newhall divided: note the lack of seeds), is characterized by the presence, in the dripping part of the fruit, of a depression in the shape of a navel, resulting, as explained above for Navel oranges in general, from the inclusion of a second smaller fruit, due to a particular floral conformation.

The plant is vigorous, of medium development, with a marked tendency to ramify downwards, for this reason it has a collected posture, which well lends itself to the form of "globe" breeding. The leaves are large and dark green. The fruit is ovoid or elliptical and the skin is medium-thick, dark orange in colour, tending to reddish when ripe. The size is medium-large (from 150 to 250 grams).

La polpa è bionda, di tessitura fine e soda, di straordinaria qualità e sapore. La maturazione avviene da novembre a marzo.
La Newhall è un’arancia a triplice attitudine, potendo essere consumata allo stato fresco, trasformata in succhi o utilizzata nella preparazione di marmellata e liquori. Le bucce, inoltre, sono idonee per la preparazione di canditi.

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