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Nova Clementines
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Nova Clementines

The Clementine Nova is a hybrid between Clementine Municipality for Tangelo Orlando obtained in Florida in 1942. In Spain it took the name of Clemenvilla.

The agronomic and vegetative characteristics of the plant
The agronomic characteristics of the plant are the productivity and persistence of the ripe fruit on the plant and the lack of alternation. Among the vegetative characteristics, however, we remember the medium vigour, the rising posture, the compactness in the density of the foliage and the lack of thorns.

Characteristics of the fruit
Oblate in shape, the fruit, which weighs 150 grams, has an intense orange skin, thin and fine grain. Peelable in average, the flesh has an intense orange colour, with a juice content in the average of the hybrids of the same family of clementines and mandarin-like, the seeds vary from 6 to 8.

Ripening period

It usually ripens between December and January, in some areas the ripening takes place in November.

Weight 15 kg

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