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Satsuma Miyagawa
Box of 15Kg


Species Citrus Varieties Mandarin Cultivar Satsuma Mayagawa ripening time from September to November


Plant of medium vigour, globose posture tending to the insurgent native from Japan. Elliptical leaf, lanceolate. High productivity with constant fructification.The fruit has spheroidal shape flattened at the poles, average weight around 90-120 g. Orange-yellow peel, thin and adherent. The pulp has a soft texture and no seeds. Considerable juice content and high sugar content. The microclimate and soil of the Badia area enhance the organoleptic qualities of this variety making it unique

Period of maturation: precocissima September-November.

Weight 15 kg
Cassetta 15KG

Prezzo riferito a una cassetta da 15KG

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