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Nucellar Tarocco
Box of 15Kg


Red flesh variety ripe from mid November to January


It is the first nucellare selection of common Tarot obtained in Italy at the Experimental Institute for Citrus Cultivation in Acireale, between the end of the fifties and the beginning of the sixties. The tree is very vigorous and rising, of great size; on the main branches and on the most vigorous branches it has an accentuated spinescence that the plant loses in the time if it is not subjected to pruning during the unproductive phase. It is seedless and has high uniform size; the skin has fine grain and little accentuated coloration, as well as the pulp. The ripening is early (November); The particular pedoclimatic characteristics of the Badia area give the product very special organoleptic characteristics, in fact the aromas emanated from the skin and the taste of the pulp are really unique.

Weight 15 kg

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